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The Meanwood Valley is the ‘green artery’ of Leeds, bringing rural countryside into the heart of the city. Running from Meanwood up though Adel Woods and finishing at Golden Acre Park, where it connects to the Leeds Country Way.

This 7 mile trail is a great way to explore the Meanwood Valley Local Nature Reserve. Discover some of the highlights of the cultural and natural history whilst walking the valley.

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Map of Meanwood Valley Trail

Use the map below to follow the route for the Meanwood Valley Trail. Press the GPS button on the top right corner of the map to see your location.

Where does the Meanwood Valley Trail start?

The trail begins at the statue of the former Leeds mayor Henry Rowland Marsden on Woodhouse Moor (Hyde Park). Just around the corner from the University of Leeds. From here it passes down Delph Lane and into Woodhouse Ridge.

How long is the Meanwood Valley Trail?

The total distance of the Meanwood Valley Trail is 7 miles or 11km. It can be split into sections if time is of the essence.

These sections are:

  1. Woodhouse Moor to Meanwood Park - 2 miles
  2. Meanwood Park to Seven Arches - 2 miles
  3. Seven Arches to Golden Acre Park - 3 miles

Each section gives a slightly different view of the valley.

How long does it take to walk the Meanwood Valley Trail?

The length of time it would take to walk the Meanwood Valley Trail really depends on how fast you walk it, and the time of year. At a standard pace it can take around 2 hours.

It is worth considering the weather, as if it has been raining parts of the trail are very muddy. This will significantly slow the pace, and there will be lots of jumping from rock to rock.

However, we would also suggest factoring in food and drink breaks. Scotland Wood is a great place for a food break. Sat amongst the trees with a sandwich can be quite peaceful.

Running the Meanwood Valley Trail

This is definitely one of the more interesting run routes in Leeds! have put together a 14km running loop of the Meanwood Valley Trail. It passes through much of the beautiful surrounding area, such as Meanwood Park,  Golden Acre Park, and Breary Marsh. Check out the Meanwood Valley Trail Run here.

If you would prefer a circular walk of the Meanwood Valley Trail we would recommend using this route as well!

Meanwood Valley Trail Parking

Depending on where you are wanting to start the route, there are several options for parking your car.

Woodhouse Moor

If you are looking to park at the beginning of the trail, you may have to opt for on street residential parking. There are several spaces down Rampart Road.

Postcode LS6 2NU (Google Map Directions).

Meanwood Park

Meanwood Park has a free to park car park with plenty of spaces. However this does tend to fill up on a sunny weekend.

Postcode LS6 4LE (Google Map Directions).

Adel Woods

The Adel Woods has a free to park car park at a reasonable size and tends to be quiet. It has a height barrier, so it only allows cars and smaller vans.

Postcode LS16 8DR (Google Map Directions).

Golden Acre Park

There are several car parks at Golden Acre Park. Both are free and have a lot of spaces.

Food and Drink

Woodhouse Moor

Starting off at the beginning of the trail by Woodhouse Moor, there are a wide range of places to grab a bite to eat or something to drink. We would suggest one of the following.

LS6 Café

LS6 does a great breakfast or brunch to start your walk off properly. Super friendly little place on Headingley Lane.

Postcode LS6 2AS (Google Map Directions).

Hyde Park Book Club

This would be a great shout if walking the route in the other direction. They do a decent selection of vegan lunches, and a great place to grab a bevvy.

Postcode LS6 1BL (Google Map Directions).


Humbl Coffee

Usually located just off Mill Pond Lane in Meanwood. Humbl is an eco-concious mobile coffee house serving a great coffee and a range of vegan/veggie treats.More info on Humbl Coffee.

Postcode LS6 4RA (Google Map Directions).

Myrtle Tavern

Set just off the Meanwood Valley Trail, if it’s a beverage or pub grub you fancy, why not head to the Myrtle Tavern? It’s been voted one of the best beer gardens in Leeds.More info on Myrtle Tavern.

Postcode LS6 4NE (Google Map Directions).

Three Cottages Café

The Three Cottages Café is a little independent located in the heart of Meanwood Park. They sell a range of house coffees, brunch, lunch, cakes.More info on the Three Cottages Café.

Postcode LS6 4LE (Google Map Directions).

Golden Acre Park

There is a Café on site at Golden Acre, which sells coffee, tea and a variety of food.